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Read Set Ballet 2-4 Years

No previous training required. Emphasis is on creative movement, developing a love of dance and offers an introduction into Classical Ballet technique.



This is a combined class of Jazz, Tap and Acrobatics offered to students aged 3 -6 years.


​RAD Ballet 

Silhouette Dance Studio follows the RAD Ballet Syllabi.

Students must attend lessons twice a week to be considered for RAD exams. RAD examinations are offered in Term 4.


Major Ballet students must have a pointe assessment prior to going en pointe.



La Beauté Ballet 

APDA La Beauté ballet is designed for students wishing to learn ballet and sit examinations without the twice a week commitment. This is perfect for jazz or contemporary dancers wanting to strengthening technique or for the more recreational dancer. Examinations are held in Term 3.



Silhouette Dance Studio follows the APDA Jazz Addict Jazz Syllabus. Jazz addict teaches the students strong technique as well a variety of jazz styles, commercial, musical theatre and lyrical.

Examinations are offered in Term 3


Silhouette Dance Studio follows the APDA Tap Evolution Syllabus.

Tap Evolution teachers students technique, stomp routines, musical theatre/theatrical routines,  latin and waltz.

Examinations are offered in Term 3


HipHop is offered for students aged 6 years and above. Hiphop is fun, energetic and very cool. We aim to keep up to date with the current hiphop styles and incorporate crew work and floor work into our classes.

Examinations are offered in Term 3 following the APDA Urban Ignition syllabus.

Commerical Jazz

This is the latest style of jazz dance and is done to current music. Commercial Jazz classes are non exam, promoting fitness, dance technique and fun choreography.



Acrobatics is offered for students aged 6 years and above, younger students are recommended to enrol in the U/6 Theatrical Class. Acro teaches students balance and co-ordination through a variety of acrobatic skills starting with hand stands and cartwheels and moving up to arials and backflips.


Contemporary is offered for students 7 and above. Contemporary takes classical lines and makes them more abstract, incorporating floorwork, partner work and stregnth. Contemporary dance is done to a wide range of music and can fast or slow depending on the choreography. Examinations through APDA Lucidity Syllabus are offered.


Lyrical is dancing with the emotional connection to the music. Students will work on a range of skills like turns, kicks and leaps and will also learn choregraphy that allows dancers to explore emotion. Lyrical classes are non exam classes and are available to students aged 6 and above.


Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is offered to students aged 5 years and above and teaches students singing technique and jazz movement to a variety of Musical Theatre Songs. Examinations are held with our APDA exams.



Troupe classes are offered to the more committed dancer. The Troupe performs at local dance competitions .


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